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Design Thinking Process - Friends who follow the process of Designer Design Thinking , suddenly more than 60% height has been seen in their salary, big companies like Jio, amazon, facebook, adobe are doing what it is doing And giving more preference to the designer who is implementing it in the process, I asked in the community how much do you know about design thinking, but I did not get a single correct answer. Design Thinking Tools and Techniques

What is Design Thinking

When a company has to solve a problem, many processes are followed, but the process of design thinking works very differently, see how to make a product of the batter and then tell how it helps the user. Can do design thinking focus that first understand the user's problem, understand the user's problem i.e. human centered problem, then after that provide its solution. what is Design Thinking

The problem I am talking about here will not be just web related or mobile related, it can be any kind of problem like: - There are many vehicles in Mumbai, so there is a problem of car parking here, so how do we Design Thinking ? Will solve with Or how can we provide a good healthy food to the children in the government school of any village, through this Design Thinking . design thinking toolkit

So this kind of organizational and cultural problem can also be solved through Design Thinking , now different processes come in Design Thinking . Such as :- Empathy, Define, Prototype, Test

What is Empathy and what happens in this process

Friends, empathy means to empathize or to understand the problems of the people for whom you are making that product. Let us understand it in points. Design Thinking kya hai

1. Conducting User Interview (taking ninterview from people and collecting a lot of information)

2. Collecting Information (Knowing the details of the people)
3. Creating User Persona (Knowing the age of people, family, how many members are there and what is their income)
4. What kind of people are you making the product for.
5. What is the real problem of the people

Friends, after taking all this information, you will know which product you should make. What kind of product should be made? With which you can easily succeed. Now after knowing all this information, define it i.e. understand it well. How come you know below. what is design thinking process

What is Ideate and what happens in this process

Friends, here the meaning of Ideate is that how will you make a solution from whatever information you have defined by empathizing. After understanding the information gathered from friends and its problem, new ideas have to be brought and the perfect idea has to come out of it. design thinking benefits

What happens in the Define Process

Friends, in the Define Process, you see that whatever you see in the step of your Empathy, you will write it well, so that you get to know what exactly the user wants, what is their challenge. That is, out of all the processes done by Empathy, which things have worked for you and you will work on what is there. design thinking course

What is prototype and what happens in this process

Friends decide in this how that product will appear, how can we do it, how handy it will be, how cheap it will be, how safe it will be and such materials will be required in it. You can also make Prototype Design on paper or on board or whatever material you can use after all or all the discussion. It is not the final product, but it gives the shape of the product, how it will look and work. design thinking concept

What happens in the test process

Friends, in this process, people are asked to use that product and also take feedback from them, what changes can be made in that product, how comfortable it is, how it will run in any situation, in all this real situation. After seeing the people, feedback is taken from them, keeping in mind all the changes mentioned in the testing, the final product is made design thinking jobs india

Friends, now you must have come to know that in the Design Thinking Process, you first empathized yourself, that is, understood the problem, then defined it, that is, to know the problem in a good way, then did the Ideate, that is, made a good idea about all the information, after that that idea. Converted into your prototype, which made a dummy product, took any material and then gave it to the real user to test it so that you can take feedback from it and make the final product. design thinking jobs salary

Friends, the design thinking process is very long, but it is very accurate, it works very well, that is why there is a lot of demand for design thinking nowadays and I hope you have got complete information about this design thinking. Thank you !

I Hope This Article This article will be useful for you. If you do not understand something, please give your opinion in the comments below.I Hope you found more useful articles on the web


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